Margo was a looker, that was the word among the eligible young men in Manchester. After dating her several times, the label was ‘a looker, but snooty’ and ‘too expensive for what you get.’ Margo didn’t care. She was going … Continue reading


Fred knew he was boring, but he was a lawyer. Who said they were supposed to be scintillating? He’d gotten through Boston University Law by the skin of his teeth and his roommate’s help. Fred liked the law - no question - he … Continue reading

Mr. S.

  It threw Mr. S, meeting Dee like that, on Seventy-second Street of all places, how long was it – twenty years? It took him right back to those years in Boston. She was such a nice kid. He remembered … Continue reading


  It was a beautiful wedding. Everybody said so. The weather was perfect, sunny but not humid. The flowers in the church, all in white with pink baby roses, were beautiful. Dee thought the bride and groom made a handsome … Continue reading